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Wisdom Tooth Surgery

Gentle Dental Extractions in Mullaloo

Illustration of tooth extractionSometimes it’s best to remove a tooth instead of attempt to repair it. If you’ve been affected by aggressive gum disease or decay to the point that the stability of the teeth is compromised, extracting them could be the best step towards better oral health.

During your exam with Dr Steven Cadee (Dentist), you will have a chance to discuss which teeth are salvageable and which may need to be extracted.

You may want to consider a tooth extraction if you’ve suffered from

  • A painful dental emergency
  • Severe gum disease (periodontitis)
  • Extensive decay that has spread deep into the tooth
  • Impacted wisdom teeth

…or you are considering full mouth rehabilitation with dentures or implants.

Wisdom Tooth Removal

The wisdom teeth are the third and final set of molars to develop. They typically erupt sometime during the mid to late teen years or in a person’s early twenties. When they do, there may not be adequate space. This predicament can cause the wisdom teeth to become impacted within the bone or against other teeth.

Unerupted and partially erupted wisdom teeth tend to be highly susceptible to infection, disease and decay. Not only can this lead to pain or swelling, but the health of neighbouring teeth may be compromised as well.

If you’ve worn braces in the past, the pressure placed on your bite from the developing third molars can cause your straight smile to become crooked and misaligned.

In many cases, it’s best to proactively remove the wisdom teeth if we suspect that they will not develop properly. Doing so can eliminate the side effects often associated with impacted third molars.

Same-Day Emergency Care

When you need fast pain relief because of a dental injury, it’s vital that we see you straightaway. We can remove the infected tooth to alleviate the source of your discomfort. Dr Cadee will also discuss options for tooth replacement as appropriate.

Feeling nervous? That’s ok. We take every step possible to ensure your comfort at all times, even if it’s for a simple oral surgery such as a tooth extraction. Contact us today!



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